To produce a 12-page newspaper to be distributed to people interested in self-organised learning at the Learning Without Frontiers and Be Bettr conferences in January.


Using the Newspaper Club service. Here's the current draft for printing/reviewing (pdf, 7.5MB) or, if you want to make revisions using Track Changes in MS Word . Update: a further version (pdf, 7.5 MB). Penultimate version is now too big to upload to this site, but you can get it here (pdf, 13 MB). And now, the final version. Too late to make further changes, sorry!

Editorial team now closed to new members (we'll be finished in a couple of days!): Patrick Hadfield, Tony Hall, Fred Garnett, David Jennings, Lucy Johnson, Ian McCleave.


We go to print at 2pm on 4 January, in order to receive the printed newspapers by 11 January. Based on this info. In effect this means midnight on 3 January.

To Do List

  1. Write good headlines and identify good 'pull quotes' for each of the articles
  2. Proof read

Proofreading checklist

  • Consistency in use of smart quotes and other special characters (..., -- etc)
  • Consistency in formatting of headings and subheadings, captions
  • URLs
  • Layout snafus (orphans, images or tables misaligned with text)
[I have made further minor typo/grammar amends plus a couple more suggested extracts- see - Patrick]

Tag for version


Resources to go in the paper (from this point on, these details are mostly historical)
Headline/Front page ideas
Ideas around the L in learning, unplugged, crisis/collapse... Please develop these ideas and then link to them (as wiki pages, pdfs, jpgs, whatever, from here)
See Headline Ideas.


Interviews, each to be edited down to around 800 words (editor's name follows interviewee's name):

Smaller pieces

Images & graphics