School Unplugged

What should we do next?
Back in July 2009 I responded to the question What should we do next? from the School of Everything. This is what happened - August 2009

Talk yesterday at the School of Everything unplugged was wide-ranging. - September 2009

View of clock on shell-mex house from RFH 5th floor

Another pic + quote from Richard Hoggart
'adult education is in a sense 'quietist', 'offering time out,' providing a time and a space for reflection - a way to arrive at things by our own paths and in our own time.'

Deschooling Society - picture of book cover + Yevtushenko poem.

A flickr comment from October 2009
Enjoyed your 'dialogue' at the 'school of everything master of none' meet up. Specially liked the informal, whereby it was possible to talk one to one. SO glad we didn't sit in a big circle introducing ourselves,had a lifetime of that. Very interesting characters around